Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gluten Free Pizza Excursion

One of the ways people like to get together with friends and family is by sitting down and enjoying a pizza together. So we brought our gluten free pizza mix already made up to Pizza Pino's Pizzeria. We had such a good experience the first time we tried Astoria Mills Pizza Mix #5 in a taste test at a professional pizzeria, we wanted to go for it again so more of our family and friends could enjoy some too.

We would like to thank Pizza Pino’s, a local Ajax pizzeria known for their delicious pizzas, for accommodating us. Pizza Pino’s again prepared to use Astoria Mills pizza dough to make pizzas in a special area prepped for gluten free.

I made three packages of Mix #5 the day before ( took 5 minutes to mix up), let it rise, put it in the fridge overnight, kneaded it into 3 large balls the next morning and headed over to Pino’s by 11:00 AM. By then the dough had come up to room temperature ready to be rolled out for toppings. Each 700g package made a generous thick crust extra large pizza! (Just so you know, we also provide larger wholesale amounts to pizzerias when asked)

Once again it was awesome and we all enjoyed it. Our friends and family were split pretty evenly between gluten intolerant and able to eat wheat so it was great that we did not have to order separate pizzas for those who could eat wheat, they loved Astoria Mills pizza crust and said it was no different than what they usually get in wheat.

Of course, Pino’s toppings were awesome and there is just no comparison to having the pizza baked in a real stone pizza oven, although we love it at home too. We could hardly wait to start eating but made sure to take a couple of photographs of the pizza as it came out.

I’m sure if you ask ahead you can bring some Astoria Mills Pizza and have yourself a party too! If you do, be sure and take a bit of Mix #2 along as a dusting mix when they are rolling the dough out. Pizza Pino's cleaned a separate counter area and spread parchment paper underneath the pizza in order to help assure every measure was taken to avoid cross contamination.

If you would like to watch a video of the gluten free pizza excursion have a look at this link.

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grain-free said...

There's a great recipe for pizza using ALMOND FLOUR (the best almond flour is JK Gourmet's) makes a delicious thin-crust! The Grain-Free Gourmet cookbook series has the recipe, and you can also get other recipes on their website. Yum yum!