Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blue Cheese, Gluten Free?

Blue Cheese ….Gluten Free?

Blue cheese is generally made from cow's milk, sheep's milk, or goat's milk cheeses and have Penicillin type cultures added so that the final product is spotted or veined with blue or blue-green mould. Traditionally it was started on wheat bread, and so not gluten free. However, many lists now state that most blue cheeses are now started with an artificial or synthetic culture. So best to read the label for contents such as wheat or gluten.

Last year Gluten Free Living magazine had a great article on blue cheese. As I recall from the article, most blue cheeses are safe. However, some people are sensitive to moulds, and then that is another story. Brown rice can’t be tolerated by some, because it tends to grow mould before being polished. Then some people are allergic to Penicillin also, so you are the best decision maker for your own dietary needs.

Just wanted to write about this as my Gluten Free Goodies –Christmas Edition book has a couple of recipes, out of the over 150 in there that call for a bit of blue cheese in the salad dressing and such. If you want to you can always substitute for something else. We like blue cheese every now and then and so included this in the e-book.

Apparently, ‘Wishbone’ blue cheese salad dressing is gluten-free. For all of you out there looking to hit up some home made buffalo wings and blue cheese for an impromptu holiday treat, there's a great source. A guilty pleasure for sure. We deserve out little gluten free guilty pleasures don't we!

There's absolutely no comparison to home made blue cheese dressing on a salad, Central Market in Dallas, Texas makes a wonderful Blue Cheese dressing, that is wonderful!

A gluten-free diet brings about all kinds of changes. Many people who have emailed me are actually adopting a gluten free lifestyle simply for the health benefits. Yes, we're forced read every label, make a lot from scratch, but before we know it, we're trying new things. Sometimes I think our family has been saved from the junk food life style, so much of it has wheat and gluten in it that it is off limits. Life goes on, and more happily when we're feeling good.


Jeffrey Starkman said...

It certainly would be 'nice', but more importantly, scientific and legitimate if someone/ANYONE would quote a food science reference with respect to blue cheeses and gluten content. Certainly, the matter has been studied and clarified-----where are the experts and their published findings???

Jacque said...

Here are the experts...http://www.seriouseats.com/2009/07/serious-cheese-is-blue-cheese-gluten-free-health.html

Jeffrey Starkman said...

Thanks for the proper references.

(WRITERS: Note how to correctly reference a scientific topic)

Bring on the Roqueforte!!

abigail said...

Bolthouse farms makes a gluten free blue cheese dressing that is delicious. It isn't as thick or chunky as some, but it's really very good for a light dressing.

* said...

Gee, I love blue cheese and was relieved to hear that it is mostly gluten free. But, now that you mention that is it made with penicillin......I ended up in the hospital with serum poinsoning from a Penicillin antibiotic: throat closing up, had to cut my rings off, joints seized up, I was a cripple for 2 months....it was awful. Never to take Penicillin again. It never crossed my mind that Blue cheese was made with Penicillin. DARN!!! What other food is made with Penicillin?

Recycled Memes said...

This is an old post but the GF community is ripe full of those:


theres a study

JS said...

RecycledMemes (above) has quoted/referenced the same study from March 2009 that I did in my post of July 2009. Good study, well-referenced. Read it or know the bottom line: Celiacs can eat blue cheeses.