Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still working on my new book

Well, here it is almost fall and I am still working on my next book, a lot of work! I’m finding it really rewarding though, as I experiment with new recipes and they work!!!!! Then photographing them is fun too ...

This next book is turning out to be an encyclopedia of sorts. All the foods we can eat in a gluten free diet. There are lots of them! People often ask me if a gluten free diet is healthy? And so I am making this book answer questions on nutritious ideas I have implemented in feeding my family a gluten free diet.

Everywhere you find lists of foods you can’t have, but having a list of foods you can have, how nutritious they are, how to prepare them and also give you ideas to include enough variety will be very helpful I’m sure. I’ve also made a list of things you find on labels, both gluten free and not, that will help you decide if something is right for your dietary needs.
A gluten free ingredients list has a great many new terms as even I have found out! I’m hoping to give people a resource guide …all in one place!

Basically, yes, it is healthy, if you know how to manage it properly and with lots of variety. So I started doing research in January about all the foods we can eat, and how nutritious they are, (or not) and there are tons of choices. It has turned out to be hundreds of hours of research and writing though, and now I’m doing the layup part and have over a hundred pages so far. I'm thinking I may have to write a book series to get everything in. I so want to share all of the things I have been doing and make it easier for others. It is hard enough having to change your whole lifestyle, food wise, to have everything laid out for you as far as recipes and anecdotal information of what it has been like for us, I’m sure would help.

I think a lot of people will love my new book series, just because it is the latest up to date information on how to have a healthy gluten free diet with recipes that also help you with other dietary restrictions as well. A valuable resource to help save time, money and keep healthy. Well, better get back at it!

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