Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gluten Free Taste Test at Celiac Support Group meeting

Last night I attended a Celiac Support Group Meeting, just thought I would drop in with some of our new Astoria Mills GFCF pizza mix for people to try, along with a few mini tea sandwiches. I don’t like to attend a meeting and not bring a few goodies at least!

Little did I know that Catherine of Frugal Freebies would also be attending for the first time. She did not say anything at the meeting to me, but surprised me this morning with an email saying she had written about me in her blog! What a great article and I’m so glad Catherine tasted and liked!

I brought a GFCF Asparagus & Basil pizza made using the new, Astoria Mills Italian Breads & Pizza Mix #5 as well as miniature broccoli and cream cheese sandwiches on one of Trina's on my Victorian Tea Bread, a light fluffy sandwich bread made using Astoria Mills Fine Flour Mix #3.

Thank goodness I brought the pizza, minus cheese, as one lady there cannot have any dairy.

People there had lots of questions and I was glad to answer them. They love that the mixes are good everyday foods, with only a little sugar in the breads to feed the yeast, no sugar in the others and less salt.

They were also thrilled to hear about the enrichment formula included in the mixes as so many are having a hard time assimilating and getting enough of the nutrients they need in their diets.

Kyle Paterson of Astoria Mills also attended with me and talked about how easy it is to use the mixes. Not being an experienced cook himself he wondered about having a system of mixes at first, but after seeing the cookbook, just loves the idea that people can make all their favorites with only a few mixes. Three enriched flour mixes and two enriched bread and pizza mixes. He also liked that I included support recipes, like the sandwich fillings, not just the bread recipes.

Everyone loved the pizza and the sandwiches. The recipes are in my latest book which Astoria Mills is including free with the purchase of mixes.

Catherine of Frugal Freebies and Born to Love tells about the event so well, go have a look at Catherine's Frugal Freebies Blog and read what she says.

Thank you Catherine!

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kario said...

Looking forward to trying it! I love that there are beginning to be more options for me and my family. Thanks so much!